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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  September 26, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. we begin with breaking news out of delaware county. skyforce 10 is over a deadly accident in havertown. workers were putting a new roof on a building when wires were hit. one worker was killed, another was shocked and sent to the hospital. as soon as we know more, we'll bring it to you live. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. speaking of weather, that's more like it. after a wet stretch, the rain is finally moved out. things are all clear as you see on the first alert radar just in
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time for the weekend. with the skies clear, the temperatures are rising, a welcome warm-up at the shore. let's look outside at the people at cape may taking in the sun while they can. don't put away that bathing suit just yet. just perfect addition to bid farewell to baseball. citizens bank park where the phillies open up the final series of the season tonight. good morning, i'm keith jones. bill henley, says the first weekend of fall is a winner. >> nice to see this beautiful sunny weather. what a gorgeous day, crystal clear. the wind is blowing, nowhere near as strong as the gusty winds we had yesterday. of course that brought the driving rain. right now 70 degrees in philadelphia, humidity has come way down since this morning. there were some areas of fog north and west. they are obliterated are the sunshine. the winds have picked up, 15 miles an hour, gusting to 22 miles an hour at philadelphia international.
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that's still a lot lower than yesterday. 69 degrees in trenton, wilmington also 69, in the low 70s in philadelphia right now. we'll see it climb into the upper 70s this afternoon. sunny and then clear at 7:00, sun sets just before 7:00 when dps go down just a bit. they'll go up for the weekend, a look ahead when i come back. >> get important weather informing delivered right to your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app, a free download. well, today marks two weeks now since pennsylvania state police began their manhunt for suspected cop killer eric frein. early this morning it was centered on the buck hill inn, he is accused of killing a trooper in pike county on september 12th. police have been covering a wooded area about three to five
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square miles in monroe county near his home. up to 1,000 officers are looking for the laenled killer. they found evidence he may be in that area, including his jeep and a cigarette package. it's reported that the unique brand that frein likes. state police are expected to give an update on the search this afternoon. we'll have that for you as soon as it comes in. meanwhile, activists say air strikes are targeting oil refineries in syria for a second day in a row. those installations are under the control of isis militants. the syrian observatory for human rights says the strikes were carried out by the u.s.-led coalition against isis. central command released this video showing an air strike against an oil refinery wednesday. the military says it was bombing small oil ins slaitallation in eastern syria to cut off the financing of isis.
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british while all this is going on, a white house official has no information about a plot to attack subway systems in the u.s. yesterday iraq's prime minister says his country's intelligence operation uncovered the plot by isis. let's look at 30th street station. amtrak says there's no specific threats against its railroads or trains. they have robust security measures in place and work closely with terrorism agencies. monique braxton is live where she's been talking to subway riders. >> reporter: we've been talking to riders here at the fern rock depot since about 3:00 a.m. there is also a police station near by. look at the video, sources tell us septa knows of no threat or target in the region but the agency is increasing police visibility. this follows an announcement by iraq's prime minister saying he has learned of what he called an
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imminent plan of isis militants to attack american and french subway systems. u.s. officials dispute the credibility of the threat. but the transit authority here in philadelphia is making sure they've got additional boots on the ground. we caught up with some of the thousands riding the rails this friday morning. >> i wish i would have known because i would have driven this morning, seriously. >> i think it's nice that they do that just as an extra precaution just in case there's a threat. >> reporter: did you notice any additional police friday? >> yes, di. >> reporter: where were they? >> inside of the train and also on the platform. >> reporter: usually police don't inform you of their statistics for security reasons, but septa tells us they have 265 police officers on their force. they also say in times like these when there's talk of a threat or no threat known they employ additional police officers from philadelphia. we're going to be following this and have more for you as more information becomes available
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from the feds. live for now at fern rock, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 and to bring you any new developments on this unconfirmed threat by isis and the local response. the delaware river and bay authority says an early morning fire on a cape may ferry was started by an ember in the exhaust stack. it was docked in cape may shortly after 6:00 a.m. two people were in the engine room when the fire started. they were able to escape, also not hurt. the ferry will miss its departures while crews make repairs. a woman is in critical condition following a crash and resulting fire at a gas station in a philadelphia neighborhood. it happened at the sunoco station in port richmond. the woman was putting gas in a car when another vehicle crashed into the pump causing a fire. she was badly burned. her baby inside her vehicle was not hurt, though. no charges will be filed against
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the driver who caused the crash. from our delaware bureau, newark police have arrested a suspect for two arsons. john grimes has been charged for the fires which happened last saturday along victoria court. police say the surveillance video helped them make the arrest. we have this video to show you this morning of a man wanted for breaking into a car, stealing a woman's cash and credit cards, then going on a spending spree. it happened in philadelphia's pennypack park. police say the man used the stolen credit card on the target where he made several purchases through an xbox 360. if you recognize this man from the video call police. union nurses are back on the job this morning at crosier chester medical center. they went on strike sunday morning. it ended tuesday, but the hospital brought in temporary nurses. the union nurses and hospital management are trying to solve a
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dispute over pay staffing levels and others. happening now, brian williams is speaking to temple university students. this a live look at the school from the north philadelphia campus. in about an hour, temple school of media and communications will present williams with this year's luke klein excellence in media award. the school also induct several alumni into its hall of fame, including tracy davidson. speaking of brian williams, crime in camden will be a topic in tonight's "nightly news." williams will broadcast live from the battleship new jersey you can see in this shot. you can watch "nbc nightly news" of course at 6:30 right after nbc 10 news at 6:00. up next, the infamous ray rice elevator video. who the tape was seen by and when. the new report that shot the case back into the spotlight this morning. plus, a virus making kids
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sick all across the country is forcing one local hospital to change its visitors policy. already 69 degrees here at nbc 10. with sunshine, the numbers will keep climbing including this weekend. a look ahead when we come back.
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happening now, the latest american aid worker to be released from the hospital after recovering from ebola is speaking from his hometown of worcester, massachusetts.
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dr. sacra was released from the nebraska medical center. let's listen in to what the doctor has to say. >> obviously the limited number of facilities in the u.s. could not accept how many places -- we've got seven beds right now ready to accept patients like me in the united states. so the resources are limited. i guess i would say my conscience is clear. i feel like i've poured my life out and done everything i can. you know, the fact that as a u.s. citizen resources were available to me, i can't change that. i'm obviously advocating for more resources into west africa. we're doing everything we can to improve treatment there. i'm thankful actually that right now the treatment, the success rate is approaching 50% at many of the facilities in liberia.
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that's so much better than it used to be. obviously i would love to provide the best level of care we can. and i think we can do better. >> that was dr. rick sacra. we should mention he developed the deadly virus while working with pregnant women and delivering babies in liberia. a fire at a suburban chicago air traffic control facility means all flights are delayed at the city's two airports. police say it was intentionally set by a contract employee for the faa. officers found him in the basement with a self-inflicted wound. he was taken to the hospital. it's the second time since may that a fire at a facility like this halted flights at o'hare and midway international airports. in detroit, the driver of a big rig who hit a pedestrian bridge causing it to collapse onto a freeway has died. it happened during the morning commute. the bridge came down on the six-lane highway causing a major traffic backup. detroit lions quarterback
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matthew stafford was among the first drivers to stop at the scene. right now police are investigating. more unrest in ferguson, missouri, as protesters and police had a standoff overnight. the police chief was marching with demonstrators through the city's streets when a fight broke out among the protesters behind him. at least four people were reportedly arrested. this was just hours after the police chief issued an apology to the parents of michael brown, the 18 year old shot and killed by the police last month. new developments in the ray rice scandal. the head of security from the nfl said he never received video in april of ray rice punching his then-fiancee in an elevator. nbc's peter alexander has the story. >> the answer to that is no. >> reporter: embattled nfl commissioner roger goodell has repeatedly insisted no one in the nfl offices saw the infamous ray rice video before this
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month. but anonymous official said he sent the video headquarters in april now says he sent it specifically to the nfl security officer jeffrey miller. the ap reports the official who spoke anonymously because he's not authorized to release details of the case acknowledged he doesn't know if miller ever saw the dvd or even opened the package. overnight, miller responded with this statement to nbc news sent by an nfl spokesman -- i unequivocally deny that i received at any time a copy of the video and i had not watched it until it was made public an september 8th. >> we asked for it on several occasions according to our security department. we went through it. we asked for it on several occasions over the spring all the way through june, from february through june. >> reporter: according to the ap, the official said no one from the nfl ever asked me for the inside elevator video. the official said he sent it
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anonymously to miller with a note reading, ray rice elevator video. you have to see it. it's terrible. earlier this moshgs the same official told the ap he heard back from the nfl in april, a 12-second voice mail confirming they received the package. a female voice saying, you're right. it's terrible. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. in the meantime, another professional athlete facing domestic assault charges. police arrested shar lots hornets forward jeffrey taylor in michigan. he's charged with domestic assault and also destruction of property. the hornets say they are aware of the incident and are gathering more information. they also say it's a matter that they take very seriously. > > k-9 units have been searching for hannah graham. police chief says they have no
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idea whatsoever where she is. graham disappeared after leaving an off-campus party on september 13th. surveillance video shows her near a restaurant where police say she met the man who's now charged with her abduction, jesse matthew jr. was arrested in texas wednesday. yesterday he appeared before a court and agreed not to fight his extradition back to virginia. in oklahoma, police say an angry employee beheaded one woman and stabbed another at a foot distribution center. the attack happened yesterday at a business called vaughn foods in oklahoma city. an off-duty officer shot the man. the surviving victim and the suspect are still in the hospital at the moment. a california woman had to escape an intruder by climbing out of her window and onto her roof, all caught on camera. here is a picture of the woman hiding. you can see the man behind her. the woman says she was asleep when the homeless man broke through her front door.
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she scream bled onto the roof wearing only a shirt. and he followed her. firefighters and a police officer got to the scene and helped her escape. the man was then stuck on the roof. he was eventually arrested. we want our bingo back. >> that's some word from senior citizens after a bingo ban was put in place in new jersey. seen yores in pleasant view village say their longstanding ten cent a card game was shut down because they were violating state law. that law says you can't play bingo without a $20 license and application each time. a disgruntled county employee blew the whistle on that game. well, a gambler in germany not only won some cash from a slot machine he won his freedom. two officers discovered he an arrest wafrnt out for him. he had to pay $900 or go to jail for two months.
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he hit a $1300 jackpot and paid the fine on the spot. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. this will get your attention. bright sunshine and so nice outside, a perfect autumn day. sunny skies, temperatures in the 70s. and we will see the bright sunshine all day long. there are no clouds destined for us today. with clear skies we're in for a near perfect evening. it will get cool, but the humidity stays low and the wind will die down. this weekend the temperatures will go up. first weekend of autumn, but we'll see temperatures in the 80s for saturday and sunday. >> gone is the fog that started things out in the pocono mountains. look at the view from jim thorp, just a few scattered fair weather clouds mainly bright skies from the cities to the mountains to the shore. 70s, bridgeton 71, there's a few cooler spots, shenandoah, 59, upper 60s for pottstown and
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quakertown. it got cool this morning, cooler than yesterday, in delaware and south jersey. solidly in the 60s warming into the 70s later today. sunshine will be bright. the radar is completely dry. those showers didn't waste any time moving out. in their place, dry air has taken over. it's going to stay with us during the day today and this weekend, too. this is the future, low humidity which shows at 3:00 p.m. saturday, still very dry. even sunday afternoon see some of the dryness starts to ease a bit. in southern delaware and south jersey. for the rest of the area, very low humidity right on through the weekend. today, bright sunshine, 73 in the pocono mountains, 76 for allentown, reading a high of 77 degrees this afternoon. upper 70s for trenton, northeast philadelphia, norristown and doylestown a high of 76 degrees and bright sunny skies for atlantic city, vineland and dover with high temperatures in the 70s today. nothing but sunshine.
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you might see a high cloud or two in wilmington, chester and philadelphia, but that is going to be it. and this weekend, hitting the links, you're in for lots of sunshine for saturday, 8:00 a.m. 61 degrees, 75 by noon, and 80 degrees at 4:00 p.m. saturday. and sunday looking pretty nice as well. got the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> bill, thank you. up next, apple responds to irate iphone users. plus, stolen property that police aren't thrilled they stumbled upon. the foulness found inside this truck that may make your stomach turn. and into the hall she goes. philadelphia's little league superstar earns her a spot in baseball's biggest shrine.
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. >> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. rascal flatts concert set for tonight in allentown has been canceled. the band was supposed to play at the new ptl center. a spokeswoman cited, quote, building issues, but wouldn't elaborate. ticket holders will be reimbursed. this is the second time this month a big name has canceled at the ppl. last week cher had to postpone a show because of an illness. she's rescheduled for december. the new center is a state-of-the-art arena in
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allentown. the venue seat morz than 10,000 people. the lehigh valley phantoms also play hockey there. happening this weekend, it is race weekend in kent county. dover international speedway, 85,000 people expected at the track known as the monster mile over the next three days. after races tonight and tomorrow, the flag drops on the sprint cup series on sunday. many fans will be in town to see tony stewart. yesterday in his first interview since the grand jury cleared him for the crash that killed another driver, stewart revealed he asked for professional help to deal with his grief. >> he's a great guy. i've met him. he's a great guy. you know he didn't mean to do that. you know he didn't. i mean, i do. >> this dwreyear there's a new playoff system so four drivers be knocked out of chchs contention this weekend. >> speaking of this weekend, in
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cape may county, they're honoring our fallen heroes. there was a preview flag ceremony last night in lower township. 31 active military personnel are now running 186 miles to monmouth county and will present the flag to waiting family, friends and comrades on sunday. the team will stop along the way at hero markers for new jersey residents killed in battle. well, it spread across the country and now into this area. up next, how the intro virus that's making hundreds of kids sick is forcing one local hospital to change its visitors policy. and the tv of the future. what this set can do that yours can't. skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ yippee!! i'm bored.
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sky force over havertownship. a worker has been electrocuted. we understand one man has died. we are live in havertown. what have you found out? >> reporter: we can tell you that the medical examiner has been here. we don't know the condition of the person flown to the hospital. but take a look behind me. still an active scene, 2100 block of wynton here in havertown. you can see electrical crews are on scene as well as investigators and police. we were told two roofers a little after 9:00 were extending a ladder and the ladder apparently made contact with high tension electrical lines. and one of the roofers thrown to the ground, the other one sent to the hospital here. now, the area is also without power. let me bring in one of the residents here, bob strikland. now, what happened? >> it was 9:45. the guy was just laying on the ground. i was just kind of shocked to see that. they didn't want to touch him because they felt like the electricity could be charging
11:31 am
through his body. they didn't pick him up instantly. after a good hour, they felt there was no electricity pumping through his body so they finally picked him up. >> reporter: did you hear anything? is your neighborhood without power? what were people telling you? >> no power. nothing since 9:00 since my mom woke me up. hey, there's somebody laying out there. we definitely lost power. god rest his soul. >> reporter: you didn't hear any commotion? >> no. they didn't even put on their sirens or anything. they just rolled through the neighborhood. all the lights were on. didn't hear anything, no pop or anything like a transformer. nothing was really heard. >> reporter: bob strickland, a resident here. i spoke to the police chief. he said this looks like a construction accident. a lot of investigators trying to figure out what went wrong. no word on what kind of company these men were working for. again, we can tell you they were two roofers apparently working on the house on the corner when one of the ladders made contact
11:32 am
with the electrical lines. one man is dead, another in the hospital. reporting live in delaware county, deanna durante. the calendar says fall, but it may feel like summer in weekend down the shore. a live look at the scene at cape may. a lot of beachgoers. the rain has moved out, sun has returned. the temperatures are on the rise and lots of people are smiling about that on the campus of lasalle university. nbc 10 and university city this morning, students are thrilled to see the sunshine, probably just as happy that it's friday. something tells me that that's the case. let's get to meteorologist bill henley. >> keith, not one of those students was smiling. too busy looking at this, i think. look up, look at that blue sky. that is gorgeous. what a beautiful day, the humidity is so low. south philadelphia, a little bit of shake in the camera here. it's a little breezy in south
11:33 am
philadelphia. the winds are gusting to just over 20 miles an hour, 22 miles an hour at philadelphia international. 70 degrees, though. the humidity down. and the numbers are running about 6 degrees cooler this morning compared to yesterday. now, 15-mile-an-hour wind in mt. pocono and in philadelphia. that's dry air that's rushing into the area. the wind is calm in allentown, most of the area actually seeing lighter winds. the winds will die down by later this afternoon and evening making for a perfect evening of baseball. sadly, one of the last. braves in town to meet the phillies at 7:05, 71 degrees, clear skies. the sun will be down, setting just before search:00. the winds down, out of the north at 5-mile-an-hour. by 10:00 p.m., 65 degrees, skies still nice and clear and comfortable, which will clear the way for a beautiful weekend. got your full weekend forecast with the seven-day when i come back. well, this reminder that you can get important weather information delivered to your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app. a free download from our web
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site. checking out some of our other top stories this morning. pennsylvania state police will give an update this afternoon on their search for suspected cop killer eric frein. this morning they focused on an abandoned hotel when frein visited when it was operational. frein is accused of shooting and killing a schooper during an ambush two beaks ago. a fire on a cape may lewis ferry was caused by an ember in the exhaust stack. it caused this morning. two people had to escape the blaze. air strikes are targeting oil refineries in syria for a second day in a row now. a human rights group says the strike wrz carried out by the u.s.-led coalition against isis. u.s. central command released this video of an air strike at an oil installation earlier this week. the fbi says they have no credible information about a plot to attack subway systems of the u.s. tracie potts has more on the
11:35 am
unconfirmed threat. >> reporter: there's more security in new york subways this morning after iraq's prime minister surprised everyone and told reporters isis was planning to attack subways here and in paris. new york's governor, mayor and police commissioner quickly hopped on board and tried to reassure the public. >> there is no specific credible information about any specific threat to the new york city subway system. the new york city subway system is safe to ride. >> reporter: the fbi agreed, but an iraq official says they warned the u.s. the u.s. is still going after isis with air strikes. the pentagon says the latest hit on oil refineries cut off an important source of financing. >> they're not going to be pumping any refined oil out, petroleum, anytime soon. >> reporter: this morning, the british parliament is back considering whether to join the u.s.-led air strikes. >> it is morally right that we now move to a new phase of
11:36 am
action by asking our armed forces to take part in international air strikes against isil in iraq. >> reporter: some in congress want to come back, too, claiming president obama skipped an important step. >> we're obviously engaged in war inside syria. seems to me the appropriate thing for congress to do is actually vote on it. >> reporter: but congress isn't due to come back until mid-november after the election. tracie potts. back to you. one person is dead after a house fire in delaware county. it hammed around midnight in chester along west 10th street. the victim has not been identified. it's unclear what caused the fire. in montgomery county, a woman is dead, a man hurt after a crash on the blue route in plymouth township. this is from our traffic camera. the 22-year-old woman tried to pull off a u-turn and hit a "philadelphia inquirer" box truck head-on. she died in the collision. the driver of the truck has minor injuries. the highway was closed for more
11:37 am
than two hours. a second day of testimony is under way in montgomery county in the trial of a man accused of killing a baby and her grandmother during a botched robbery. the man is serving as his own attorney. he faces the death penalty if convicted. he's accused of killing this 10-month-old and the girl's 61-year-old grandmother. prosecutors say the suspect kidnapped the little girl in upper marion two years ago. they say he planned to hold her for ransom to pay off a gambling debt. the parents of the murdered 10-month-old girl took the stand yesterday. the man cross-examined the baby's girl. the trial is expected to last a week. we have new video this morning showing an armed robber who held up two businesses in philadelphia. police say the man got away with $100 from the bp gas station in elkwood earlier this month. then wednesday he demanded money from a worker at the 7-eleven on north delaware avenue in fishtown.
11:38 am
he aran away with an unknown amount of money. in the past week, several hospitals in south jersey have seen a significant increase in the number of young people with the suspected ent troe virus d-68. it's spread across the country and now into this area. the virus has been reported in pennsylvania and it's believed to be in delaware, too. this comes as medical professionals prepare for flu season. katie zachary tells us what one hospital is doing differently to deal with the ent row virus. >> reporter: here at cooper university hospital they're seeing double the number of pediatric patients they typically see this time of year. a new visitor policy begins today to help prevent the spread of germs. you have to be 16 or older to visit the pediatric intensive care unit. ent troe virus d-68 has been reported in most states according to the cdc. it's here in new jersey, pennsylvania and suspected in
11:39 am
delaware. most people who catch the virus won't even know it because it resembles the common cold. but those with breathing problems may get sick much faster. here's how it compares with the flu. flu season weaks in late fall and winter. enterovirus can peak now. the flu lasted longer than the virus. symptoms are similar, body aches with the flu. there's no vaccine for the virus for children older than 6 months are encouraged to get a flu shot. >> we've had multiple meetings to tri-to prepare for the surge of patients, to make sure we have the appropriate number of respiratory equipment, medications, and make sure we're preparing for increasing sta staffing. >> reporter: i've talked to a number of doctors in the last few weeks. their advice is consistent, hand washing, clean commonly used surfaces and if you're sick staying home from school or work. katy zachary, nbc 10 news. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the spread of this virus and the efforts to treat
11:40 am
it here in our area. coming up next, what apple has to say to angry iphone users. plus, there are 37,000 pounds of it tucked inside a truck. be glad you can't smell what you're seeing. the not so pleasant story straight ahead.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. it's called "first comes
11:43 am
love" a new book of photographs telling the stories of enduring relationships within the lesbian gay bisexual and transgender community. it's a culmination of years of work by barbara proud. barbara joins us on set right now. good morning, barbara. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, keith. >> i want to point out the one thing that struck me immediately when i saw the cover of this book immediately. "be proud." barbara proud, is that your real name? >> it is. my parents fortuitously gift td to me at bincrth. i began to use that as my signature and now it's a moniker that i need to live up to. >> speaking of that, you have this book now. tell me all about it. you says it's the antidote for hate crime. >> it is. it's my attempt to get the rest of the world to understand exactly who we are. it began whether my part ne and i hit our 20th anniversary and we became -- >> congratulations. >> we became the longest surviving relationship in our
11:44 am
families. and a month later we elected a fair-minded president and i thought we were moving toward less bigotry. but then proposition 8 passed. i zpieded to do something about it and i wanted to tell the story of who these people really are. that's why it's in black and white. typically what the media portrays is rainbow flags and gay pride parades. we don't see who these couples really are. i wanted to go past that and make people look at the essence of these couples. >> a great point. it's at antidote to hate crime. i would be remiss not mentioning that september 11th this month there was an alleged attack, hate crime attack, on a gay couple on center city, philadelphia. three people have since been charge. how did that make you feel? and speaking about the fact that everyone always sees colorful and rainbows, that this is a real issue to this day. >> it is. >> this is something people need to know about that. how did it make you feel that
11:45 am
happened september 11th? >> it saddened me, but it's really why i keep doing this book. the tide is really changing across the country and more and more states are developing marriage equality bills. but changing the laws does not change people's minds. people need to get to know us and understand us in order to get rid of the hatred and bigotry and fear. and make the world a safer place for these couples and young teenagers who need to understand who they are and need to feel safe. >> this does quite the service. barbara proud, thank you for joining us. be proud, the exhibition opening and the book launch is from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight at the university of the arts. again, this is the antidote to hate crime. it's free, the event open to the public. it's there on your screen. if you can't make it to the exhibition, it actually runs through next tuesday. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. we're on a roll. the rain moved out, dry air
11:46 am
moved in. we have nothing but sunshine. here is a sunny shot across the battleship new jersey, the temperatures already in the low 70s for much of the area. and in the pocono mountains, this is where some of the fog was to start with this morning. that fog is completely out of here right now. the dry air has moved in. with a little bit of a breeze blowing out of the north, that will keep us nice and comfortable through the day. 70 even for philadelphia, northeast philadelphia, toms river is at 70, 60s for pottstown, upper 60s for trenton. gloucester county, 68 degrees, solidly in the 60s for turnersville and sicklerville, sunshine is on duty all day today. the clouds are completely out of here and no organized system is coming our way today, tomorrow, or sunday. and the storm system we had yesterday, there it is centered way offshore. that's the center of that slow moving soaker that left anywhere
11:47 am
from an inch to two to three inches in southern delaware and south jersey. for today, we'll be drenched with sunshine and temperatures that climb into the middle to upper 70s this afternoon. the winds will die down, a little breezy right now in philadelphia, but most of the afternoon they'll be out of the north, 5 to 10 miles an hour and they'll go even lighter this evening, which will allow the temperatures to come down. it will be a gorgeous evening. by tomorrow morning, 57 degrees in center city, then 81 degrees saturday afternoon, 74 is the normal high temperature for this time of year. we'll blow past it today, tomorrow and sunday. monday is looking mostly sunny. the humidity is low saturday and sunday but goes a bit higher on monday. that's in advance of clouds that will be building for tuesday and wednesday. extra cloud cover keeps things cooler, in the 70s. there's a chance of scattered showers both days. but by thursday we'll be clearing out, warming up to 76 degrees. across the country, rain in
11:48 am
california has helped firefighters in their battle against the wildfire that's been burning for nearly two weeks now. it's more than half contained this morning as the number of homes that are threatened by the fire has gone from the thousands to the hundreds. still a big problem over there, thee. and police in montana believe a tractor trailer filled with 37,000 pounds ever chicken may have been left at a truck stop for more than a month. it was discovered on tuesday dripping rancid juices and attracting flies. you heard me correctly. officers say the driver asked his company for more money. when they said no, well, he just left the rig there to bake in the sun. >> it's leaking now. you can imagine once you move it, things can -- any liquid in there can slosh around so it could get worse. we don't want that to happen. >> right now a search is under way for the driver who had been wanted for a parole violation. now he could face a theft
11:49 am
charge. apple has responded to several problems that came up this week. the company released a new update to repair problems with its latest operating system. that version came out wednesday. it left some of its new iphone 6s unable to make phone calls. industry analysts say apple did the right thing by quickly acknowledging the problem and apologizing for it. the new iphone 6 plus has also been the subject of social media reports saying it can be bent. apple defended its manufacturing yesterday. it says bending is extremely rare with normal use of an iphone and just nine customers have reported the problem. pan sonic has just launched a voice-activated television. the new vieira tv responds to simple orders. you can turn it on, turn up the volume without a remote control. the tv hits store shelves next
11:50 am
month. three, two, one, and liftoff. >> how about that, a u.s./russian space crew is docked with the international space station. the russian soyuz spacecraft joinled with the space laboratory. two russians and an american are planned a six-month deployment on the iss joining three others already on board. her performance in the little league world series made her a household name in our area. now it's earned her something else. philadelphia's own mo'ne davis has made it to baseball's biggest shrine. that story is straight ahead.
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happening now in washington, d.c., president obama is speaking at the global health security agent summit. the ebola epidemic is expected to be the focus of the event. let's listen to the president now. >> governments are being strained, and if left unchecked experts predict that hundreds of thousands of people could be killed in a matter of months. that's why i've told my team that fighting this epidemic is a national security priority for the united states. that's why i recently announced a major increase in our efforts, our military command in liberia
11:54 am
is up and running. we're standing up an air bridge to move health workers and supplies into west africa more quickly. we're setting up a field hospital, new treatment units, a facility to train thousands of health workers. so this is an area where the united states has an opportunity to lead. >> yesterday the president says the outbreak presents a growing threat. base hit to right field! here comes richardson. here's the throw. richardson is safe. derek jeter ends his final game with a walk-off single! >> even as a philly fan, you have to admit captain clutch comes through. derek jeter capped off his 20-year career in that storybook ending. they beat the orioles. after making her mark in little league baseball,
11:55 am
philadelphia's own mo'ne davis has taken her place in official baseball history. how about this? davis donated the jersey she wore during the little league world series to the baseball hall of fame. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, an all-new "ellen." today country star kenny chesney. then nbc 10 news at 4:00. free road. one toll road is going to give drivers a break but just for one day of the week. we'll tell you what they're doing to encourage people to hit the road to a destination desperate for visitors, this afternoon at 4:00. >> then all-new at 5:00, neither rain nor sleet nor snow can stop the mail from getting through. but one postal worker sure could. why a mail carrier was caught with nearly a decade's worth of other people's parcels. and all-new on nbc 10 news
11:56 am
at 6:00, pennsylvania's police manhunt goes to an abandoned hotel. the online speculation about ghosts in the building and who's trying to downplay those rumors. but first let's talk to bill henley about the weather. perfect timing. the weekend comes around for perfect weather. >> listen, we have great weather, the view is perfect today and is going to be spectacular all weekend long. look at the sunshine, a nice sunny view of the "battleship new jersey." it's 69 degrees here at nbc 10 and sunshine in the pocono mountains, too. no sign of that fog that started things out earlier in the day. it's 70 degrees, the winds gusting to 22 miles an hour right now. they will die down as the day goes on. so far, we are running eight degrees warmer than yesterday at this time with the rain keeping things chilly. updated 72 degrees in philadelphia, look for a high of 78 this afternoon. >> look forward to that.
11:57 am
thanks for watching nbc 10 nufz at 11:00. i'm keith jones. for bill henley and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> rafe: it's called traveling, sonny, that's all. >> sonny: no, that's just another excuse. that's why you're 0-2. >> rafe: ah, yeah. oh, by the way, thank you so much for recruiting t to sub for lucas, 'cause i know that was a real sacrifice. >> sonny: don't be mad at me. i tried to recruit ben. >> rafe: oh, really? >> sonny: mm-hmm. >> ben: i needed the hours here. [cell phone ringing] >> will: ooh. >> rafe: i'll bet. >> sonny: what? >> will: zoe's looking for a progress report. >> rafe: it's called cheating. yeah. >> ben: i was really looking forward to just one more chance of knocking you on your ass again. >> rafe: oh, is that right? well, then you'll be glad to hear that i actually tried to reach out to jordan yesterday and she did a fine job of that on her own. >> jordan: she has gotten so big. come here. >> abigail: yeah, it's weird how babies tend to do that, huh? >> jordan: yes. oh, i have really missed seeing


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